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The first step to joining me on an amazing date is to select the engagement that best fits your preferences from the descriptions below. Remember, these are merely the outline for our story. You and I will pen our own graphic novel during our time together! Bring that imagination of yours


Click the booking link at the bottom of whichever engagement best fits your fancy. This will take you to a secure online form where you will secure our date. My schedule STAYS busy. Its best to lock in our time as soon as you know what works best for you. We can always flex a bit one way or the other.


The last, but MOST IMPORTANT part to ensuring the best time with me is to confirm our date. I cannot stress this enough. Magic will happen as soon as you submit your booking. My phone will light up and shit rainbows like a unicorn on speed, BUT, I still need you to introduce yourself.



$ 600 & UP
  • The Most Epic Date Awaits
  • Your Own Busty Pornstar Girlfriend
  • An Open Canvass of Adventure
  • Available Worldwide by Request
  • Casual Hotness to Black Tie Goddess
  • Your Ultimate Fantasy Begins Now


$ 650 & up
  • Serve an Absolute Goddess
  • Premium Gear for the Scene
  • The Most Attentive Dominatrix
  • Obedience is Rewarded
  • Bad Boys are Punished
  • Your Key is MINE


$ 650 & up
  • Lead Your Submissive Beauty
  • Premium Gear for the Scene
  • A Perfect Obedient Pet
  • Protocols, Positions, Perfection
  • Reward Me or Discipline Me
  • Will You Make Me Beg?

Get Your SQUAT On with Me!

W.O.D. TIME GENTS! Because when I tighten that ponytail, its about to go down. And, DAMN … my ass looks amazing in yoga pants. Join me for a special date in the gym!



Yes, I do. More than 80 if we are counting with over 70 perfect 10/10 scores as ranked by TER. However, I have since chose to delist myself from that site even after ranking as high as number 13 out of the top 100 providers worldwide. TER is full of negligence, fraud, and illicit practices. None of which I choose to be a part of.

I was however smart enough to pull screenshots of my wonderful stories as proof to my words prior to removing my persona from their databases forever. CLICK HERE TO SEE THOSE REVIEWS.

Yes. I use GeoTrust Rapid SSL certificates on my sites with encryption. The same SSL certificates used by major sites worldwide. Your information is safe and secure.

I also use 2 factor authentication and biometric protection on my smartphone. Your messages and emails are secure with the latest IOS security features.

Lastly, I WILL NOT share ANY of your information with ANYBODY unless specifically asked to do so by you. This includes reference requests. Unless you give the okay … your info goes NOWHERE.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, this should be fun and stress free! I am happy to begin friendships with those who are just entering the world of girlfriends and great times. We will communicate with each other and establish the same sense of safety for us both that I establish with all of my dates.

Have no fear! You may be a level 1 newb today, but by the end of our time you will most definitely be a level 100 badass!

I can at times. Sometimes a great spontaneous date can be the most fun of anything. I do however recommend you plan if you want to have the best experience possible.

If you are interested in a same booking you will either need to be someone I know or someone who is VERY good at supplying me the information I need to make an informed decision about meeting you. It can happen! I just need you to be on point with giving your request.

A hint … TEXT ME and EMAIL ME. Let me know you want to see me THAT day.  Also, understand that it may take me a little bit to get ready. So keep that in mind.

I can, but its not my preference. If you prefer to use credit please let me know in advance so that we can work something out.

I do NOT support SQUARE or PAYPAL.

OH YES! Yes … I very much love outfit requests. Seriously. This makes things much easier for me when I am planning travel outfits. Plus, I love to see big smiles! All I ask is that you give me a little heads up. At times, I can even have outfits sent to me from my studio. Just please remember, I can’t make miracles happen. A little notice goes a long way and will makes things epic for us both.

Friends ask this question quite often. Here’s the deal. This should be about us both having the best time possible. Would you agree? I expect the same from you as you would from me.

Look. I’m not one of those girls who must remind you on her site that you should do simple things like wash, prep, groom, be on time, etc. Your goal should be to impress the shit out of me as mine will be the same with you. Any questions???

If you show up early just let me know. I may be ready also! The best thing to do is to call or text me. Preferably, let me know as soon as possible if you know you are going to be early.

Same goes for if you are running late. There are many times when I am running from project to project because of the studio needs. I can do my best to flex and accommodate, but some things not even I can do.  Communication is always key.

Life happens. Contact me AS SOON as you know something on your end. Communication is key for me, especially with the busy schedule that I keep. The exclusive girlfriend world is a passion for me, and I take pride in such passion. Many times, I can adjust my schedule to match yours. The best thing you can do is be forthcoming and honest with me.

Absolutely. At times it travels with me, at times it stays behind in its spot in my studio. I used to take it everywhere when I was driving all the time. Now that I am constantly in the air I have found other ways to pack gear with me for trips. I’m not opposed to brining it, just make sure you discuss this with me specifically in advance so I know.

Just remember, TSA and the public always tend to pay me extra attention due to the case’s size and make. Please understand this when you ask me to drag it along. I’m already a tiny blond with huge tits. Lugging a rifle case behind me just adds to the looks!

I personally like to get down with a smashing game of pinochle, followed by some long division, AND if I’m lucky I like to follow this all up with some basket weaving.


I am an open canvass on fun adventure. Think of it this way. You’re on a date with a blonde, busty, leggy, ass-tastic (yes, I made that word) girlfriend who just happens to be combat sport, comic, and wine loving porn star. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES HERE. Grab your crayons and lets color with every fucking one of them!

Yes! And I have a blast with them. Tune in and turn on with me!

I do. You can access my lists below.


To send fan mail or gifts directly to me:

Candyshop Nightmare
Attention: Aspen Edwards
463 Pooler Pkwy # 363
Pooler, Georgia 31322-5102
United States

Absolutely! Great icebreaker. And who am I to say no to a wonderful selection of something you and I both fancy. Surprise me. I am pretty open. Just know that I cant stand beer.

I do not have a girlfriend now. I love women. I REALLY love women. In fact, I love pussy more than most gents do. I only bring the girls that I am actively dating into my adventures. Trust me. When I find a new girlfriend, you will be the first to know. Until then, I am a solo act.

Yes, I am. I have rules though.

Rule 1: Couples therapy is great. There are spectacular professionals out there who can talk people through the troubles of marital woe.  I’m not one of those.

If you have a secure relationship and you want to spend time with me as a couple then let’s do it! If you’re on the rocks already, there is nothing I can offer that will change this. In fact, hanging with me MAY lead you straight to the D. (And it’s not the D your thinking of)

Rule 2: I always plan couple’s meetings with the lady as my primary contact. Sorry guys. Happy chic, Happy …

Rule 3: I enjoy group outings. Who doesn’t like a fun field trip. Bachelor parties, office parties, football parties. I’m down. Just understand that this is a special request that will need planning on both my end and yours. Email me and let me know your thoughts if this is of interest to you. I am happy to host any of your parties or excursions.

You may use me as a reference. Remember, your discretion is of the utmost importance to me. Please let me know if you pass my name along BEFORE someone reaches out to me. I WILL NOT EVER share your information unless YOU give me the okay first. I will ALWAYS send you a copy of any response I give.