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“I’m just your friendly neighborhood girlfriend who happens to have an exceptional love of comics, cameras, contact sports, and kink. Indulge me!”

I love keeping things simple. You come to an ABOUT ME page because you obviously want to know more about … ME. I mean, you’re not here to discover the meaning of life, are you? Spoiler alert, I’ve already found that answer. CUPCAKES and TITS! Seriously. Fact check me.  Otherwise, slide your mouse, finger, or whatever else you may be using on that touch sensitive screen of yours, down to my super moist details below.

(What … did you expect me to say juicy?)


Aspen Edwards

President, Candyshop Nightmare


I grew up in small town Georgia with three very important goals. The first, to get the hell out of small town Georgia. The second was to pose nude. The third was to attend Juilliard. Typical dreams.

I was your edgy, Nirvana playing, comic nerd, band geek in High School. The football team loved me … obvious reasons. The cheerleaders wanted to be me. I spent my nights like every typical one stoplight town teen does, hanging out with my crew at the local Tasty Freeze while plotting an escape from the monotony. My school band rocked and I had the privilege of writing the music for our commencement ceremony. Juilliard wanted me and I had big city visions after visiting NYC on a scouting trip. That was up until graduation. All my friends got cars for their gifts. Me? I scored a rapidly growing brain tumor. The was when the fight began for my life and dreams changed forever.

The doctor scheduled emergency surgery that day and I was on the table. I won’t get into the gory details but let’s say it wasn’t my version of meeting a hot doctor! I died on the table. Twice. The surgery had a miniscule chance for survival but luckily, I had an enormous will to pose nude! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sharing my life’s details right now. So, there I was. Brain surgery survivor extraordinaire. We never get out without scars though. My takeaways were a loss of memory and musical ability. I was off the table, but so wasn’t much of my childhood memory and my future at Juilliard.  Recovery was a beast!

The surgeons didn’t think I would live, much less lead an exciting life. F$&% that! My new life outlook became focused on living every single minute to the fullest.

My witty answer became, “But have you ever died … twice?” And, I still had goals and a bucket list to tend to. To this day, I am still slowly regaining my musical talent. None-the-less, the pesky peddling of my pineal pinecone added an ever-increasing drive to my already insane libido! Everything happens for a reason. ** insert fact bubble pineal and pituitary**

I started my new adventure at 18 as an exotic dancer, working my way from the smaller clubs to the much larger ones. Soon I was feature dancing all over. Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, NYC – I was there and loving it! The money I made through dancing paid my way straight through to an International Business degree with a minor in marketing.

I eventually traded in the stripper heels and pole tricks for fetish gear and adult toys! Soon I was delving into the world of kink modeling. I found a new love for the camera lens. I couldn’t get enough. Exploring my sexuality on media became an addiction. That addiction led me straight into the XXX film world. My first film … a dozen gents, me, and a precariously sticky situation. Start small, right?

Starring in films led to my discovery of a naughty world of supply and demand. My producer, now close friend and colleague, mentioned taking things to the next level and I jumped. I became the sexy comic nerd turned entrepreneur with the start of my first company. Through said company I launched my own XXX studio, Candyshop Nightmare. The focus, reality based adult media production. No fake overacting. Real girls. Real orgasms. Real production.

I developed clients all over the globe through private collection porn. I now travel everywhere, constantly scouting the naughtiest talent for my productions.

Yes, this in fact means my life revolves around debauchery. Remember that increased libido? Yes? Well, when we meet, don’t be alarmed if you discover that I am in fact a very, very bad girl.

Remember that first shoot I ever did? The baker’s dozen of dirtiness? That shoot was for ‘Southern Bukkake’, a site with a great niche but a ridiculously poor execution and bad stigma. I didn’t know that at the time.  A few years ago I found myself determined to change that site and make it what it should be, or else take it down completely.  So, in 2017 I bought it from its owner. Then I took it down. My image is my brand and my brand focuses on the naughty, dirty, wet, adventures of a wild comic vixen who can’t get enough of the world of kink.

I’ll bring back a badass bukkake niche site soon, but until then I am proud to say that I had the chance to make things just a bit better in the wild porn world! I plan to continue to produce amazing content in a safe environment of best practices for all of you to enjoy!

But there’s also much more to me than the world of kink!

I stay extremely busy, but I have an amazing team behind me and I ALWAYS answer my emails and calls personally. Outside from the XXX world I host ‘Lights Out with Aspen‘ , a late night men’s show centered around sports, women, and film. I design sexy clothing for women with tiny waists and huge assets. I model … still. Donate to charities, particularly the Wounded Warrior Foundation. And I’m an avid Make a Wish granter!


You, the engrossed reader hopefully still glued to the sticky parts of my life thus far.
Me, the epic busty blonde porn queen who you just piqued your dirty fantasies.

Still want to know just who I am?

I’m the 5’ 3” blonde bombshell who seeks fun, intelligence, and adventure. You, my friend, will probably never see me at such a short height as I tend to live in 6” heels to overcome the vertically challenged aspect of my physique! I’m epically with a doctor enhanced chest that is probably the most naturally feeling, intensely mouthwatering, eyeball drawing, make you want to say “OH MY ROD HOW DOES ONE SPORT SUCH A ROUND PERKY OFFERINGS!”, pair you can find. Which, sport doubly pierced nipples. Vertical and horizontal … Since I quite enjoy getting upways, downways, sideways and slideways. (Too much Seuss? Can anyone guess what Seuss did when not being Seussical?) I digress…

Speaking of sexy nipple adornments, I must forewarn that I have 17 total piercings. No need to request a map, exploration is best when you don’t have the cheat sheet! I also sport 4 pieces of ink that define me. And, as you can see, I have long blonde hair that reaches down to my mid back and sleek curves to define my inviting assets.

I live my life in business attire when handling the drives of studio needs, sexy ensembles when finding myself in front of the camera, cosplay gear when I have the chance to hit a con, and some pretty epic adornments when I enjoy the hobby realm. Which is just as much a release and escape for me as it is for you. Even more as the hobby world fuels my passion and excitement. I absolutely adore the connection of locking eyes with great friends, and I hope that soon we shall meet.

I’ve said I’m a nerd at my core. A super sexy, hugely busty, pierced, and inked nerd. But, a nerd none the less. I’m your girl if you like to get down and dirty with sexy and nerdy! I have an addiction to stockings, heels, garters, and lingerie. All of which you will often find beneath the sleek attire I wear when handling daily business needs. I’m a true believer in the fact that you never know when a sexy moment will come upon you. Whether it be behind the closed doors of a luxury suite or on the copier in the office behind the boardroom.  One must always be ready!

Now let’s chat about you. You’re the one who is seeking something epic. Something different. Something beyond the norm where you can be yourself. You want the excitement of something you have not yet found. Your tired of the two-call system. Tired of the notion of being friends only for an hour at a time. You’re over assistants and robotic correspondence. Fed up with those eyeing time more than a white rabbit as it chases Alice down a hole, all the while trying to dive into tight holes of your own. Your frustrated at signing your life away or showing more ID at the door then you would to that pesky TSA official who’s eyeing you up for a full cavity search. I mean, we all have those sexy airport fantasies, but …

Back on track. Point being. Whether at face value or deep down, you’re fucking amazing. You deserve amazing. I love amazing. So, let’s be amazing together! Whether on film, in public, or behind closed doors.

Set your phaser to stun, blow on the cartridge, pound that Contra code, grab your joystick … and engage! (You see what I did there?)

Until then my lovely friends … keep your nose to the ground and your eyes on the prize.


  • Height: 5′ 3″ (5′ 9″ in heels)

  • Weight: Fun Size … 135

  • Bust: 32k (K-Cups … Big Tits)

  • Waist: 28″

  • Hips: 38″

  • Eyes: Hazel and Piercing

  • Hair: Blonde, Super Long. Badass.

  • Nails: Always done. Always Long.

  • Piercings: 16 (Find them)

  • Ink: 5 Pieces. More to Cum.

  • Shoes: 7.5 US or 37.5 EU

  • Dress: Varies by bust line. Typically small / 4

  • Tops: Varies. Huge Tits. Usually Small / X-Small

  • Bottoms: Small / 4

  • Panties: Small

  • Sex Quote: “Stick your FUCKING tongue in there!”

  • Fave Color: Purple. Because PURPLE is Sexy AF.

  • Largest Toy: Flint the Uncut Dragon. Too Big! Perv!

  • Fave Game: Super Mario Bros., The Original.

  • Family: Single. No Kids. Just Pumpernickel the hedgie.



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