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Selfies 2015

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Here's a sweet little collection of selfies that I snapped from the past few months for you to enjoy!

I Am Batman


So .. Spooky Day abounds and you’ll notice below that this week’s shots are of a sexy Batman ensemble. Actually … the shirt came from [...]

Gamer Chic Aspen Part 2

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Hey everyone! Here it is! The eagerly awaited part 2 to my Gamer Chic series. I can only tell you how much fun I had [...]

Gamer Chic Aspen Part 1

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Grab your stick and come get PWNED by a badass gamer chic like me! That’s right gents. This hot piece of ass will frag with [...]

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” – Oscar Wilde

2711, 2015

Black Friday and beyond in Black Lingerie

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving with friends and family as you enjoyed a wonderful spread, drinks, football, and fun! I’ve spent the past two days enjoying time with my mum and now it’s my time for [...]

1609, 2015

Back to School with Your Busty Headmistress

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Hey everyone! Time for a new post from your blonde bestie! So let me first start off by saying WOW! Wow and thank you everyone for all of the cards, emails, wishes, phone calls, gifts, and smiles for my birthday [...]

109, 2015

Epic Birthday Adventures, Come Celebrate with Me!

By |September 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Hey there everyone!!! Happy September! WOW – Time has absolutely flown by this year at what seems to be like the speed of light or something similar to a one of Sheldon Cooper’s many theories on propulsion! I sit here [...]


Aspen Edwards
Aspen EdwardsCreative Director
Aspen Edwards is an adult fetish model and entrepreneur. She has been a part of the adult industry for over a decade and is now the Owner / Creative Director of ‘Candyshop Nightmare’, a production company focused on erotic reality based projects.
Aspen is highly intelligent which makes her even more appealing and sexy. Needless to say, I was very excited to meet the lovely Aspen and she far exceeded my expectations.
Aspen is one fantastic worker!
Mike South,
My experience with Aspen far exceeded my fondest expectations! Aspen is a very attractive & curvy woman, with a very genuine & open personality.
My jaw dropped to the floor!!!!!!!! Aspen is drop dead gorgeous…
Aspen is a wonderful young lady that is not be be missed. She is a true beauty with a great sense of humor and intelligence beyond her years.

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